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The Don’t Forget Valentine’s Day Card

by Anne on February 6th, 2012

Even though you truly think
That Valentine’s Day’s dopey
Don’t you dare forget it
Or you’ll make your lady mopey

True, it’s mostly an excuse
To jack the price of flowers
Dare to just ignore it
And her mood, it surely sours

The restaurant that you both like
Will have a special menu
Which costs much more than usual
Although it’s the same venue

Now if you wait another day
A box of chocolate’s cheaper
But that would just be tacky
Result is anger deeper

Suppose you think it’s all a trick
To get you to spend money
This is what I would advise
To satisfy your honey

Celebrate the happy day
Else you’ll risk resentment
A simple gesture does the trick
Resulting in contentment

Colored paper, Elmer’s Glue
(Not a brand endorsement)
Plus a doily or some foil
Respect romance enforcement

Make a card that’s from the heart
Using your own fingers
The payoff will be worth it
A loving feeling lingers

Handiwork is sure to look
Like something from first grade
Yet with this touching gesture
You’re certain to get laid

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