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DARIA “The Invitation”
Daria and Brittany bond over their assessment of pudding skin.

DARIA “Road Worrier”
Daria and Trent discuss the nuances of tribal tattoos.

DARIA “Lane Miserables”
Quinn is a master of positive affirmation. Daria, not so much.

VIVA PINATA “Whirl With a Dream”
You can’t keep a good whirlm down. Unless you step on it, of course.

VIVA PINATA “A Terrible Tribute”
Hudson Horstachio’s greatest secret is revealed…and it involves a sousaphone.

The Staten Island Ferry hosts a showdown between Chaka and a really mean Catholic School Girl.

Backyardigans “Cave Party”
The multi-species gang sings a song about the wonders of the word “Ugh”!