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by Anne on October 23rd, 2007

The wonder that is websurfing. So, first I check in on a video that I love, in which “Milwaukee Dancing Sensations!” Myke and Debbie perform a wondrously stunt-filled and awkward-yet-enthusiastic dance routine to the strains of “Last Dance” by Donna Summer. Speaking of strains, I worry about Myke, who, according to a helpful YouTube commentator, has had “two total hip replacements”. Another commentator mentions that this tasty team appears in a music video, so I click and find myself viewing the haunting video for “You Don’t Know Her Name” by Maps, directed by Töben Seymour. It features a statuesque robot girl competing in a Dance-a-Thon.

I go back for another dose of Myke and Debbie and find reference to director Frank L. Anderson, who is the cameraman on the dance clip. This leads me to the discovery that he has co-directed The Life of Reilly. Who knew there was a film coming out that will document for posterity Charles Nelson Reilly’s one man show Save it For the Stage? And that it opens at Cinema Village on November 16th? I can’t wait! (I always prefered him to Paul Lynde, as far as pioneering over-the-top gay television actors go.) The other director of The Life of Reilly turns out to be one Barry Poltermann, who was editor of the infamous struggling artiste documentary American Movie. All in all, a satisfying hour of web-induced stimulation. I will now go catch my breath and contemplate the place of self-delusion in contemporary pop culture as well as the fickleness of fame.

PS: Congratulate me, for I now know how to code an umlaut in html.

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  1. Myke and Debbi permalink

    Hi !
    Glad you found & love our video. If you are ever headed to Milwaukee let us know & perhaps we can show you around. Summer is the best time to visit with the World Class music Fests we enjoy here.
    We hope you made it to “the Life of Reilly” premeire & enjoyed that as well. We love the PurpleOnion people & wish for them the very best.
    Blessings & Happy New Year,
    Myke & Debbi
    PS. Don’t worry about my(Myke’s) hips. They are great !

  2. Myke and Debbi permalink

    Love Yah!

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