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TV Scripts

DARIA – The Invitation
This is the first episode I wrote for Daria and the second episode of the series. Daria, Jane and Quinn all attend a party at Brittany’s house. In this script I am proud to have created the character of Charles “Upchuck” Ruttheimer III, established Cashman’s department store, and invented the name Tiffany Blum-Deckler. I also got to draw upon my extensive knowledge of one-point perspective.
VIVA PINATA – My Little Fergy
Fergy’s Mom comes to visit and throws a wrench into his party avoidance plans. It was fun to come up with disgusting snacks like Butterworm Pie, Tiramisoup, and Icing on a Stick. (Actually, Icing on a Stick doesn’t sound half bad.) I like to think that Francine Fudgehog’s voice was performed by Harvey Fierstein, although it wasn’t.
This first episode of this short-lived series established the main characters, drew an evocative picture of the East Village circa 1999, and offered a nod to my favorite polluted Brooklyn waterway with the appearance of the Gowanus Canal Cookie King van. I left in the shameful mistake where I wrote “adamatium claws” instead of “adamantium claws”, thus forever losing my non-existent fanboy cred.